Twitch Prime comes with free Amazon Prime, Hearthstone hero, game, a streamer sub, more


TwitchCon 2016 has happened, and we tuned in – suffering though some awful singing and some exciting announcements – so you didn’t have to. Cutting straight through all the fat and to the juicy, juicy meat beneath, we’re bringing you all the stats, announcements and news, so you can greedily hoover it all up below. There was some really good stuff in there… after the singing.

Do you think anything on our upcoming PC games list will make a splash on the streaming platform?

TwitchCon 2016 Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is a new set of Amazon Prime benefits created for people who watch and play games. A Twitch Prime membership comes with all the benefits of Amazon Prime: exclusive discounts, pre-order discounts, free and fast delivery on Amazon products, access to the Prime Video on-demand service along with Prime Music, early access to Amazon Lightning Deals and more.

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