Mike Tomlin wants clarity on unsportsmanlike conduct penalties


PITTSBURGH — Antonio Brown’s two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for dancing in the end zone have grabbed Mike Tomlin’s interest.

The Pittsburgh Steelers head coach would like to know what is acceptable for NFL players, including his top receiver.

“We have to get some clarity in terms of what’s legal and what’s not,” said Tomlin at his weekly press conference Tuesday. “I know he doesn’t want it to be a negative thing. He wants to provide positive energy for us and entertain our fans. But we have to get detailed clarity on what he can and cannot do. You’ve got to acknowledge some guys are followed more closely than others. You saw that last night with (Odell) Beckham. AB is probably one of those guys and he probably needs to respond accordingly.”

NFL teams can inquire with the league about specific moments in a game.

In Week 1, Antonio Brown did a dance resembling twerking after his second touchdown in Washington. The league flagged him, then fined him days later. Sunday against Kansas City, again after his second touchdown of the night, Brown re-enacted the twerk with a hammerhead shark motion with his hands. Another 15 yards.

As Brown left the locker room in a turquoise velvet suit, he told ESPN that officials are “on alert for me.”

“I just have to keep it positive,” he said.

Brown is third in the league with 28 catches and is tied for the NFL lead with four touchdown catches.

When asked what he wants to see from the league for consistency, Tomlin said, “I’m not passing judgment on how they do their job.”


Source: ESPN.com